Irish Shipping volumes up 12% during Q3 2015

National Developments
Ardmore Chippewa & Ardmore Seahawk completes Ardmore Shipping Corp initial newbuild programme

Arklow Shipping's newest vessel, Arklow Vale begins career with maiden voyage

ICG wins Maritime Services Company at the 2015 Irish Exporters Awards

Port of Waterford announces Frank Ronan as new CEO

ICG commit €24.2 million to the acquisition of four containerships

International Developments
€7.6 billion of European Investment to Support Key Transport Projects

NOL confirms talks with CMA CGM and Maersk

Ship operating costs to rise over next two years

Maritime Careers
Dublin Port Company Marine Pilot Recruitment Drive

Contract Manager Opportunity with P&O Maritime

Masters of Commerce Scholarship in Strategic Marketing opportunity with the IMDO

Chief Maritime Engineer Vacancy with ARUP Ireland

Maritime Education
Opportunity to study International Trade, Transport Law & Policy

NMCI's 2016 schedule of maritime training courses published
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Opportunity to study International Trade, Transport Law & Policy
by The Irish Maritime Development Office

University College Cork will introduce a new module as part of the LLM Degree programme focused on international trade & transport law as part of the 2016 semester.

The inclusion of the new module examining the evolution of international trade and transport regulation is a significant step towards the provision of an education opportunity for individuals interested in pursuing a formal qualification in maritime transport studies in an Irish educational institution. The module is also offered as part of a Continuing Professional Development/flexi-option on a non-degree basis.

The 5 credit module International Trade and Transport Law and Policy will begin in February,  2016 and will run for 6 weeks.  The course examines the international trade and transport of goods in a context of globalisation of public policy. It will focus on the legal framework of international trade and transport, both at regulatory level (WTO and Law of the Sea) and at the commercial level (conventions of uniformisation). It will also examine international trade and transport regulation in relation to wider public policy issues of security, marine environmental protection and human rights. Since 90% of the world's trade is carried by sea, the module will have a specific emphasis on the maritime aspects of international trade and transport.

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to identify the key areas of the international framework of public and private law applicable to international trade and transport; Assess the impact on international transport law of recent international policy and regulatory initiatives and connect issues of international trade and transport law with public policy areas of security, environmental protection and human rights.

As previously mentioned, there is an opportunity to take the  module as part of a Continuing Professional Development/flexi-option non-degree basis. Anyone who would like to make an application to take the module should email graduatestudies@ucc.ie 

For more information on the course, please log onto the UCC website and access this link: https://www.ucc.ie/modules/descriptions/LW.html#LW6590

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