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Ardmore Shipping Corporation 99.9k DWT Summer Deliveries
by The Irish Maritime Development Office

Cork based Ardmore Shipping Corporation continues to follow an ambitious new build programme with the delivery of three new product tankers over the summer season. The most recent delivery,  the Seawolf is a 49,999 dwt IMO 3 product and chemical tanker was completed by SPP Shipbuilding in South Korea's Sacheon shipyard. The ship was handed over to her owners on the 13th of August and is a sistership to the Ardmore Sealion which made her debut in June.

With the addition of Ardmore Seawolf, this increases the number of Ardmore vessels on the water to 22. Technical management of the newbuild will be provided by Univan Ship Management.
Commenting on her delivery, Mark Cameron, Ardmore Shipping's COO, said: "We are pleased to welcome the Ardmore Seawolf to the Ardmore fleet, where she will join her sister ships, the Ardmore Sealion and Ardmore Seafox. We extend our sincere thanks to SPP Shipbuilding for their diligence, commitment and excellence throughout the build process. The addition of the Ardmore Seawolf demonstrates our constant commitment to growing Ardmore's fleet through the addition of state-of-the-art, high quality and efficient vessels to our fleet. With an average age of under four and a half years, the Ardmore fleet is among the youngest in the industry.'

As with the rest of the Ardmore fleet, The Ardmore Seawolf is a high quality eco-design newbuild  equipped with a variety of fuel-saving measures, including Skysails vessel optimization software and offering the highest standards of fuel efficiency and operational performance. The Ardmore Seawolf is the third of four newbuild vessels to be delivered from SPP Shipbuilding this year. In July the Ardmore Chinook was delivered by Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co. Ltd from their Nagasaki shipyard in Japan. The Ardmore Chinook is a 25,000 DWT IMO 2 product and chemical tanker. Technical management of the Ardmore Chinook will be provided by Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd.

Mark Cameron, Ardmore Shipping’s COO said at the time of the new build delivery: “We are pleased to welcome the Ardmore Chinook, sister ship to the Ardmore Cherokee and Ardmore Cheyenne, to our growing fleet. We extend our gratitude to Fukuoka Shipbuilding for their commitment and professionalism throughout the build process."

The Ardmore Seafox, was also built and delivered by SPP Shipbuilding in June 2015.  The Ardmore Seafox is a 49,999 DWT IMO 3 product and chemical tanker. Technical management of the Ardmore Seafox will be provided by Univan Ship Management Ltd. A remaining vessel in the IMO 3 product and chemical tanker series is due for delivery in the final quarter of this year.

Source: Ardmore Shipping, August 2015

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